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How It Works

Good movement education helps develop foundations for:

  • Neater handwriting.
  • The ability to sit comfortably in a chair and focus on desk work.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Eye strength for reading and copying from books, worksheets or the blackboard.
  • The ability to follow movement demonstrations and auditory instructions.
  • Sequencing, memory and rhythm — for reading and writing.
  • The acquisition of vocabulary that relates to movement ie: numbers, up, down, body parts, action words (in, behind), direction (left, right) etc.


Did you know?


  • There is a direct connection between the large body movements involved in climbing, running, walking, swimming and ball play, and the small movements necessary for reading and writing activities.
  • Babies and young children learn from the inside out. Their core muscle strength is vital to healthy overall development and for laying strong foundations for higher order learning.
  • Children need to repeat movements thousands of times in many different ways to master them and gain confidence. When a child is moving he or she is not just working his or her body but the eye muscles too. The co-ordination between the eyes and hands and eyes and feet is integral to overall development.